As we all know, the music business has changed. A lot! In the old days, a record label found the artists they liked, they provided them with the funds to hire a big studio and producer and expected an album within a few weeks, months or years. But those days are definitely over for the smaller bands. And that’s a shame, because there are a lot of great bands out there, waiting to be discovered! But nobody knows them yet, because there are no funds anymore…

That is were MaXxive Records comes into play. We are not here to provide you with large sums of money and we will not send you off to some fancy and expensive studio. But we have our ways of helping you lower your costs!

How many bands out there are able to record and produce their own music, but unable to properly mix or master? Or how many bands are there that are very, very great musicians, but don’t have the knowledge to record it. From experience we know that’s a lot! MaXxive Records works closely together with some partners, to help you record, mix, master and more! That way, we will not provide you with funds, but we will help you create that product! So instead of giving you money, we’re giving you opportunity! And that’s what MaXxive Records is about: opportunity for new and exciting bands and artists!

Read the page ‘options‘ to learn more about our ways of making sure you don’t have to spend lots of money, but still be able to get a great record out!